Secret To Closing The Short Sale Workshop
Attention Real Estate Agent, Brokers and Investors


Are You Foreclosure Certified? Are You Short Sale Certified? Do You Know How To Stay Out Future Legal Troubles?

Secrets To Closing The Short Sale Workshop
By James Bayfield
Tuition $4,995 –  Internet Sale $3,995;
2 Full Day
9:00am – 5:00pm
Jamaica, New York

The Best Short Sale Secret Workshop In America

Learn From America’s #1 Short Sale Negotiator, James Bayfield for the past 15 years as been negotiating with lenders..
Mr. Bayfield is the CEO of multiple companies, A Business Coach,  an Experienced Litigation Paralegal, Short Sale Experts, NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker, NYS  Certified Real Estate Instructor and Real Estate Investor.

I Got 12 question for you!

  1. Do You Understand How The Courts Work?

  2. Do You Know How To Find Pre-Foreclosure Deals?

  3. Do You Know What To Do With A Delinquent Homeowner Or Property?

  4. Do You Know The Costly Mistake To Avoid?

  5. Do You Know How To Stop Foreclosure Today?

  6. Do You Know How To Setup A Short Sale?

  7. Do You Know The Proper Way To Close A Foreclosure Deal?

  8. Do You Know Which Title Company To Work With?

  9. Do You Know All Your Options?

  10. Do You Know Who To Call At The Bank To Begin Negotiation?

  11. Do You Know How To Talk With The Bank Lawyers?

  12. Do You Know How To Protect Yourself In A Foreclosure Deal?

Here’s What You Will Learn when you begin training with James Bayfield

  • How to get 6% guaranteed real estate commission.

Learn How to find the funding for your short sale deal.

Learn How to negotiate with 2nd Mortgages

Learn How to Find Pre-Foreclosure Deals.

Learn how to use direct mail to find deals.

Learn how to prepare short sale package that get accepted.

Learn how to develop the patience to get deals approved.

Learn how to build a cash buyer list.

Learn how to find the right title company to work with.

Learn how to stop foreclosure auction.

Class Limited to 20 students.

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