How To Make Millions With Short Sales
“Learn the secret to creating instant equity in when you buy pre-foreclosure residential homes or commercial before you even buy them”

Present by James T. Bayfield,
Short Sale Expert, Real Estate Investor

Get 25 Modules of Complete Real Estate Business System, Process Mapping, Marketing, Advertising System, Negotiation and Management idea to make millions short sale.


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Module 1: Getting started

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Leadership
  • Team
  • Processes
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Module 2: The System setup

  • Branding setup (Design, Logo)
  • Entity setup
  • Banking setup
  • Fax number setup
  • Website setup
Value of $5000 per person.

Business card

  • Letterhead
  • Media promotion
  • Software management
  • Direct mail system

Module 3: The Power Team

  • Cash Investor
  • Joint Venture Partner
  • Real Estate Closing Attorney
  • Title Company
  • Real Estate Broker (MLS Access)
  • Real Estate Eviction Attorney

Module 4: The Millionaire Math

  • $5,000 profit x 200 deals
  • 10,000 profit x 100 deals
  • $20,000 profit x 50 deals
  • $50,000 Profit x 20 deals

Module 5: What is a short sale?

Module 6: The Court system:

  • Review the law suit that was file.
  • Learn how to use the e-courts system.
  • Learn the court procedure.
  • Learn how to use the bankruptcy (Pacer system)
  • Hire an independent attorney for the homeowner.
  • Have an attorney file answer immediately.
  • Have an attorney file a motion to dismiss if necessary.
  • Send out discovery demand to the plaintiff.
  • Send a request for proof of Mortgage and Note ownership.
  • Verified if statute of limitation has been expired.
  • Send and Response to discovery demands
  • Send out debt validation letters.
  • Learn what is an Order To Show Cause is.
  • Learn your local court system.
  • Go there, walk the floors.

Module 6: Why bank accept short sale

Module 7: How do I profit from a short sale

Module 8: How to find a short sale prospect

  • Learn the marketing message
  • Learn the right media to find them
  • Subscribe to a list of public record.
  • Direct mail
  • Billboard
  • Real Estate Investor club
  • Attorney
  • Court House
  • Paralegal
  • Real Estate agent
  • Real Estate auction
  • Classified Ads
  • Free Seminar
  • Your own book
  • Bandit signs
  • Signs on the bus
  • Signs on the train
  • Bus Stop
  • Church’s pastor
  • Radio Ads
  • TV Ads
  • Post card direct mail
  • Internet PPC ads
  • Social Network

Module 9: What to offer the bank.

Module 10: The 14 steps short sale checklist

  • Lender Proprietary Forms
  • Authorization To Release
  • Hardship Letter
  • Bank Statement, Pay Stubs, Two Year Tax Return
  • Financial Statement
  • Tax transcript 4506T
  • Sales Contract or Offer
    • Buyer Approve Letter
    • Other Buyer’s legal paper such corporation or LLC.
  • HUD1 aka Net
    • All Invoices
    • All Bills from third party
  • Listing Agreement
  • BPO (Broker Price Opinion)
  • Limited Power Of Attorney
  • Short Sale Disclosures

Module 11: How to close on a short sale.

  • Lender rules
  • Always close with all cash, no exception.
  • Use private money
  • Use hard money lender
  • Use a transitional lender.
  • Use property disclosure to the lender, homeowner and anybody else.

Module 12: How to do property research and investigation

  • Start with propertyshark
  • Start with the public record system to verified ownership. (
  • Start with a title report to verified liens and judgments.
  • Start search for water, taxes, violation via the (e-court system)

Module 13: Where to find the money to buy a short sale deal.

Module 14: How to renovate a short sale for maximum resale value.

Module 15: 58 frequently asked question about short sale.

Module 16: How to scale and grow your real estate business.

Bonus Module 17: Legal Forms, Disclosure

Bonus Module 18: Short Sale Checklist

Bonus Module 19: Short Sale workflow checklist

Bonus Module 20: Short Sale CRM Software

Bonus Module 21: Marketing and Advertising Workbook

Bonus Module 22: Internet marketing workbook and tools

Bonus Module 23: Buying 2nd Mortgage

Bonus Module 24: Raising private money

Bonus Module 25: Buying with yourself direct IRA

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James Bayfield Foreclosure Real Estate Investor Training
58 Questions you’ll be Able to Answer after Attending This Seminar

  1. When and why banks accept discounts and how to spot the best prospects at a glance.
  2. What mistakes you can’t make or you’ll fail every time.
  3. How to make sure you never lose, no matter what the short sale results.
  4. Where to get the money when the lender accepts and why your personal financial situation has nothing to do with your ability to do short sales.
  5. Every single step and document you’ll need will be furnished and discussed.
  6. How to determine what to offer the bank and exactly how to do so.
  7. How to get the banks’ attention and force them to act when they get tough to deal with.
  8. How to greatly increase your chances of a big discount and the deadly mistake you can make here.
  9. How to deal with second and other liens.
  10. How bankruptcy affects the short sale and how to use it as a deadly weapon in your artillery box.
  11. What words not to say to the seller and the bank…ever!
  12. What to do when all your efforts fail to insure you’ll make money.
  13. You’ll hear from the audience and learn their secrets and see real deals displayed before your eyes.
  14. I’ve got a list of other surprises for you that will make this minimal cost of this incredible seminar a real steal!
  15. All of Your Questions regarding any Short Sale Situation will be answered!
  16. Why do Banks Short Sale?
  17. Successful Short Sale starts with the Homeowners- Learn Six Steps for Successful Bank Short Sales
  18. Find out additional information the bank may ask for
  19. The options you should always give a seller
  20. The difference between a need to sell and someone who wants to sell
  21. Why you don’t even need to ask for a description of the property during the initial interview
  22. Learn what to do during the bank’s inspection, (when the bank says no, and when the bank says yes.)
  23. Learn how to determine if you should try to Short Sale a FHA, VA, or PMI mortgage

Find out how to close a Short Sale Transaction

  1. Can’t Close on Time?  Find out how to defend/delay a Foreclosure
  2. Find out if the Homeowner still owes the bank money after the Short Sale
  3. Learn how to negotiate with a second or third mortgage.
  4. Learn how to deal with each lien holder separately
  5. Find out how to negotiate different types of liens
  6. Learn what happens to the Homeowners’ credit if you buy the note
  7. Learn What to Say to the Bank and more!


  1. How to get motivated sellers to call you and beg you to take their homes off their hands
  2. Learn what kind of marketing work best
  3. Learn what to say to a homeowner when they contact you
  4. Find out how to beat your competition like they stole something
  5. Learn the best way to get motivated sellers to call you now
  6. Learn how to develop relationship marketing skills
  7. Learn how to use my special response mechanism designed to get motivated sellers contacting you quickly.
  8. Find out how to use my step-by-step marketing plan to find motivated sellers even if you haven’t done your first deal yet.
  9. Learn how to pre-screen sellers so you only deal with the ones most likely to sell.
  10. Learn how to automate the system to get someone else doing all the work for you so you can close the deals.
  11. You’ll learn how to find more deals in the first couple of weeks than you will be able to process in a year. (Finding the deals is the easiest part when you use my unique system.)
  12. Find out how to find and make incredible deals with burned out landlords. (This can be a wonderful opportunity to purchase multi-properties.)
  13. Learn how to locate motivated sellers who need to sell and have no idea about how to solve their problems. Some of these very motivated sellers include people who might be out- of-state owners, estates, and are going through divorce.
  14. Learn how to follow up with prospective sellers so you end up buying their properties when their circumstances dictate that they sell.
  15. (Most real estate investors leave “boatloads” of money behind by not having a follow-up- plan in place.)
  16. Learn how to design telephone scripts so you will never have to wonder what you should  say to these motivated sellers.
  17. Find out how to build credibility and confidence with your sellers from their very first contact with you.
  18. Learn my step-by-step marketing plan for you to get even more motivated sellers to contact you quickly.
  19. Learn how to get motivated sellers to call you with houses that other investors simply do not want or know how to buy. But you do!
  20. Learn even more low-cost techniques to attract motivated sellers to contact you.
  21. How to locate motivated sellers who will deed you excellent homes in lovely neighborhoods.
  22. How to approach and get realtors to supply you with more qualified leads than you can handle without having to pay huge commissions.
  23. How to locate the owners of and purchase pre-foreclosures before other investors know about them.
  24. How to use attorneys to find you great deals on distressed properties no one else knows about. (This is an excellent lead generation technique to find properties that other investors simply don’t know about without doing anything else except, making an initial contact with the attorney.)
  25. How to use wholesale buyers to bird dog for you, build your lead base and make you even more money.