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Foreclosure and Short Sale Live Bootcamp With James Bayfield

“Looking To Avoid Mistakes In Short Sale, Pre-Foreclosure Niche “Get Short Sale Coaching, Get A Mentor ”Invest In Your Career, Invest In Yourself”

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  • Remember You Are A Sales Agent That Get Paid On Commission.
  • Learn The Short Sale Mechanic. Step-By-Step
  • Learn How To Find Short Sale Deals.
  • Learn How To Market Online.
  • Learn How To Market Offline.
  • Learn How To Deal With Bankruptcies Issues.
  • Learn How To Deal With Tenants.
  • Learn How To Make Presentation To Homeowner.
  • Learn How To Deal With Investor Buyers.
  • Learn How To Build Referral Network With Other Agencies.
  • Learn How To Get The Bank To Give You The Best Discount.
  • Learn The Right Disclosure You Must Give.
  • Learn How To Avoid Legal Mistake From Others.
  • Learn How To Stop Foreclosure, Delay The Process.
  • Learn How To Work With Other Agents, And FHA Buyers.
  • Learn How To Work And Train Real Estate Closing Attorney On Your Deals.
  • And Many More.

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